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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Jun 6, 2023

This week on the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, delves into the intriguing topic of branding for car sales professionals. In this episode, Sean interviews Kelly Mercer, a talented car sales professional at Covert Auto Group, and Alma Nunez, the marketing director of the same dealership, to explore how car salespeople can build their personal brand while working under the umbrella of a dealership. 

Are you wondering where to begin when it comes to building your own brand within the dealership's brand? Or you're unsure of the assets you have at your disposal and where to seek assistance with creating your website, logo, and brand identity. Targeting the right audience is crucial, but how do you find and connect with them effectively?

During their discussion, Alma and Sean share invaluable insights on how car sales professionals can identify their target audience, effectively utilize social media to engage with the community and keep the algorithm working in their favor. Alma emphasizes the power of collaboration and how leveraging the expertise of the dealership's marketing team can help salespeople expand their reach, establish their unique identity, and build a solid customer base. They stress the importance of passion and the drive to improve constantly, encouraging sales professionals to create visually appealing graphics, actively engage on social media platforms, participate in community events, and ultimately establish a distinct and influential presence within the automotive community.

About Kelly Mercer

Kelly Mercer started in the business in June of 2020 after being a coach and math teacher for 28 years here in Texas. He started as an assistant coach for many years, then became an Athletic Director and Head Football Coach.  Coaching and teaching in Texas is a 14-16 hour day, 7 days a week job, especially during the football season.  WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD, THOUGH!!  However, when Covid hit in 2020, Kelly realized how much he missed time with his family, so Kelly looked at other avenues for jobs that led him to Covert Auto Group (Chevy and Ford stores) in Hutto. 2 years later, they kept letting him come back! In 2021 Kelly was named #2 overall salesperson, using a metric that included volume, gross, surveys, etc.  In 2022, he was #3 in volume for the Covert Auto Group complex and #1 in gross for the entire Covert Auto Group, which includes 5 stores.


About Alma Nunez

Alma Nunez is a dynamic marketing professional passionate about driving impactful results in the automotive industry. With over 25 years of marketing and public relations and as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Covert Auto Group in Hutto, Texas, Alma has played a pivotal role in shaping the company's brand image and driving business growth. Throughout her tenure at Covert Auto Group, Alma has been instrumental in developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies that have effectively elevated the company's visibility and increased market share. Her keen understanding of consumer behavior and market trends has enabled her to create targeted campaigns that resonate with the target audience and drive customer engagement.

About Covert Auto Group

Covert Auto Group is a family-owned group of automotive dealerships that has served the greater Austin area for over 100 years. Since its inception, the team at Covert Auto Group has been committed to providing customers with a high-quality selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, as well as outstanding service and customer satisfaction.



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