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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Full Episode Blog: Tips and Techniques on How to Sell More Cars Using Social Media

Every car salesperson wants to sell more cars. That is the ultimate goal in sales, to sell more and make more money.  Wanting is one thing, but taking the extra steps is the next.  The top earning car sales associates sell more cars on social media.  They sell more cars online, they sell more cars on Facebook, and they sell more used cars.  

Why be average when you can be electrifying? If you are reading this, chances are: you are looking to sell more cars and make more money. So, are you tired of being average?  What kind of salesperson do you want to be? 

If you want to be the best, you need to start taking advantage of social media to sell more cars. You need to utilize social media to revitalize the lost art of prospecting.  Here is a guide to go from a mediocre yawn, to social media, car-selling superstar.

The Blind Master, L.A. Williams, talks about the lost art of prospecting on this week’s episode of The Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast.  Matt Wilson discusses with L.A. how automotive sales associates can sell more cars using social media.  Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful prospecting tools that car sales associates underutilize.

In addition to selling cars on social media, Matt talks about his career and experiences in the automotive marketing world. He has some serious tips to help salespeople step up their game by improving their social media strategy and connect with countless prospects.

Social Media is Here to Stay

Let’s just face it– we are living in the age of social media. The olden days are long gone and technology is here to stay. If you aren’t already on social media, NOW is the time to quickly get with the program.

Selling Cars is Like Having Your Own Business

Selling cars is like having your own business.  While you work for a dealership, you are your own brand.  So, as a car salesperson, you need to properly market yourself.  A professional social media account to conduct marketing to help you sell more cars is a necessity.

Strategies To Sell Cars On Social Media

Sales is all about energy and connectivity. You want to energetically connect your client, so that they can’t help but to buy what you are selling. In other words, use your social media to showcase your authenticity, your energy and your relatability.

The “Do’s” to Social Media Selling

Firstly, only post business related content on your business page! Then, be consistent! Keep on posting the good stuff. What’s the good stuff? Show off your beautiful showroom, the awesome cars and satisfied customers.

The “Don’ts” to Social Media Selling

No one, and I mean no one, wants to see your dirty laundry. So definitely don’t air it on your business social media. In other words, no political rants, no sports blabber and anything else that’s overly personal. You might like the picture of you snuggling with your boo, but that’s not going to sell cars!

It’s Not an Overnight Success

Your business social media account isn’t going to be a sensation overnight. But, at the very least, just get started. Post some great content from your showroom, of your satisfied customers and yourself. The comments & likes will be flooding in before you know it.

You Have To Maximize Your Time Effectively

Your day is hectic. We get it. If you’re married, with kids, forget about it. Making more time seems impossible. And selling cars isn’t a stroll through the park. So, you’re probably wondering, when will I have the time to create Facebook and Instagram posts for work? 

The bottom line is, if you are determined to sell more cars, social media has to be a priority. If it means starting your day a little earlier, changing your routine or replacing another activity- it’s worth it.

Balance Between Work and Home

Chances are, your manager wants you to sell more. So, take some time in the office to work on your social media marketing game plan. If your manager isn’t on board, try explaining the benefits of using social media to sell more cars. Point out all of the success stories. From people like Sean V. Bradley and Cody Carter, who use social media to sell more cars, somethin something.

If your boss absolutely isn’t having it, make a little time off the clock to get the wheels moving. As L.A. Williams says, the off season is where champions are made! Social media marketing is like a sport, it takes time, dedication and practice. If you want to be the Michael Jordan of car sales, you have to put in the time and effort!

Utilize An Accomplished Mentor

If you are having trouble finding your way, look to someone who has already got what you want. The great news is– you don’t need to find this person organically. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you work with, or someone from your personal network. Search the web. There are tons of podcasts, blogs and radio shows dedicated to the automotive industry! 

For example, guys like Matt Wilson, L.A. Williams and Sean V. Bradley dedicate their lives to creating online content to coach salespeople. Listen to their podcasts, read their blogs and interact with them on social media. A mentor is right at your fingertips!

Resources to Help You Sell More Cars On Social Media

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