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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

Full Episode Blog: HR & Recruiting Tips For Dealerships: Hire The Best Employees

Automotive dealerships can hire the best employees.  The problem is, they don’t.  Automotive dealerships have one of the highest turnover rates in the country.  It is costing dealerships money.  First is the cost of HR, including advertising and screening costs.  In addition to these HR expenses, they are losing time and productivity.  

Why is the turnover at automotive dealerships so high?  All else aside, It is because they are not hiring the right people.  Some of the best employees a dealership can hire are those with disabilities.  Employees with disabilities can outperform other employees a lot of the time.  Additionally, they are also some of the most loyal and innovative people out there.

Sean V Bradley and L.A. Williams discuss how dealerships can hire the best employees.  Stabilizing your HR begins with hiring the very best people.  Nadine Vogel joins Sean and L.A. to discuss how the best people are oftentimes overlooked.  In short, the disabled community can make the best employees for any organization.

Show Notes

Disability Inclusion is Important

Disability inclusion is extremely important to every industry that exists.  Most particularly, disability inclusion is vital in the automotive industry.  Starting with the car salesperson, Nadine shares a real life experience.

Nadine accompanied her oldest daughter while she was shopping for a vehicle.  Since her daughter has a variety of disabilities, the sales associate would talk to Nadine.  Think about that.  Her daughter was the buyer, but the sales associate spoke to Nadine, not the buyer.  Nadine had felt that it was condescending.

Nadine’s daughter ended up purchasing a vehicle at a different dealership.  The experience was night and day, and that was the biggest deciding factor in choosing their dealership.  This experience is something many people with disabilities face when shopping for a vehicle.  But, imagine if your dealership was disability inclusive and have people with disabilities employed.

The Disabled Community is the Largest and Fastest Growing Minority

The disabled demographic is the largest and fastest growing minority in the world.  Additionally, they have also passed the Hispanic population by 5% in the US.  With this in mind, and knowing the disable community buy vehicles, why have car dealers not become more disabled friendly?  

The Disabled Community is the Largest and Fastest Growing Minority

Dealerships are hemorrhaging with HR, but they neglect to hire qualified disabled people.  Not only is the disable community highly talented, but they are also the most loyal and innovative people out there.

An example of the disabled community’s success is seen in call centers.  Turnover rates have decreased dramatically and productivity increased dramatically when organizations hire people with disabilities.  This one area could drastically improve the internet sale department of every car dealership.

Adding to this, Nadine has seen overall productivity increase as well.  Employees with disabilities tend to outperform other employees.  Productivity from employees without disabilities then increases.  This is likely due to them wondering how the disabled community is better and faster.

The Top 4 Common Misperceptions of Hiring the Disabled Community

Why wouldn’t you hire someone with a disability?  For many, it is because they are misinformed.  As a result, the employer’s lack of education prevents them from hiring some of the best employees.  There are four main topics on why employers don’t hire people with disabilities.


First, and one of the most common misperceptions, is fear.  They fear that the employee will cost them a lot of money in accommodations.  This is far from the truth.  In fact, the average cost of accommodation in the US is $375.  However, most disabled people do not require any accommodations.


Next is the fear of not being able to fire an underperforming employee that has a disability.  Absolutely not!  There are performance standards like there are for anyone else.  


A lot of employers also believe that hiring employees with disabilities will make their customers uncomfortable.  Especially if the employee looks or moves differently.  Despite this belief, it is just a myth.  In fact, studies have shown that customers react positively when interacting with organizations that employ the disabled community.  They look at it as you are doing something good..


The last problem employers tend to face is that they don’t know how to engage appropriately.  The number one global practice is disability etiquette and awareness training.  It teaches everyone how to engage, how to communicate, and work side by side.  The end result is all parties being comfortable.

Where and How to Hire the Disabled Community

The number one question Nadine gets is how and where to go to find these people.  Obviously, you can’t just put an ad in the paper asking if they are disabled.  If you are looking for people with a certain skill set

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