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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

May 14, 2019

David Blasingame, a veteran in the car industry for over 45 years, started as a cashier in a body shop and moved through the ranks to his end goal at AutoFlex Leasing. In college, he found an opening in this body shop and it changed his life forever by putting his foot into the car industry by taking a risk of applying for a new position. He went from a fixed salary to determining his know income via commission, allowing him to buy a house and new car that first year!

David’s key advice in the industry is that determination is key and you should stay focused on your end goal. He also states that is not about how much you make on the car, it’s about how many cars you actually sell because you’re creating customers and more referrals. In his time with AutoFlex, he understood that because of the leasing programs, he would get the most customers for the frequency of short term leases, trading in to get the newest models or even buying the car they leased!

As a salesman, David could spot a salesman from the crowd. To hire a good salesman, he would check background checks as far back as you can go as well as testing the potential hire. You need to make sure that your employees are trained effectively, well educated and the urgency to know where they are in the transaction. 



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