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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Jun 11, 2019

Brian Kennedy always wanted to be successful and make money. While in college he had a part-time job at an electronic store “circuit city” making an average of 5k a month. He later learned that at the time the average UCLA graduate makes 43k a year. After that Brian decided to end his college career.  


Brian was in the process of becoming a stockbroker in Beverly Hills when a friend of his suggested he talk to his father who was a Manager of a Mitsubishi dealership. After weighing the risk and reward between the two opportunities, Brian started his automotive career.  For the first three months, he was averaging 10-11 cars per month making between $4000-5100 each month. Brian wasn’t ok with his results. He’s manager started to coach him on what to say and how to overcome objections. By implementing the instructions word for word, he sold 24.5 cars and made $10,700 the remaining 23 days of that month


Brian believes that the biggest mistake that people make in the automotive industry is hanging out with people who sell 6 cars a month and who doesn’t have the desire to achieve more. You must be intentional about finding people better than you and learning from them. Also by being in Automotive management for the last 15 years, Brian adopted the mindset that you have to help your team make money and in turn, you will make money.

Tune in with us as Brian Kennedy shares how important it is as a manager to support and pour to your team.

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Books Mentioned: 

With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham