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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

May 28, 2019

Chris Bouzikas grew up in Philadelphia, where his family owns Steve’s Old London Style pizzeria. It was there that he learned about sales and entrepreneurship, and adopted a skill set that he credits to his success today.

Chris got his start in the automotive industry at Colonial Volkswagen in the late 90’s working the sales floor. Chris specialized in special finance and averaged 23-25 vehicles sold per month. Chris learned many lessons there, including the basics of old school selling. And to this day he never stops improving and growing his knowledge of the automotive industry.

Chris understands that culture comes from the top down. And since becoming the Internet Director of Burlington Chevrolet, over the last year he took his department from 30-35 vehicles a month to 120-130 vehicles. He has created a culture learning and training. “To be a manager, you have to manage your staff and bring the best out of them every single day.” Join us as Chris breaks down the benefits of believing in, investing in, and training your team.

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