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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Mar 26, 2019

Brad Lea, a soon to be self-made billionaire comes from humble beginnings being raised in a blue-collar family out of the northwest, his father a millworker and mother a typesetter. Brad's determination and hard work has paid off. His expertise in training led him to develop the most powerful training platform, which is Lightspeed VT. 


Brad firmly believes that training is not something that you did it is something that you do. He has identified the 4 parts of great training. Good Content. Repetition. Practice. Accountability. Without ALL four you are just exposing yourself or others to information. Good training requires good coaches! 


Trained people outperform untrained people. It is that simple. When you get paid on commission you get paid what you're worth. If your check is not what you want, take a look at yourself. If you are not working (which is hands-on practice) you need to be actively seeking information. 


Brad knows that success leaves clues! He encourages you to follow them! Do not compare yourself to others but model and emulate the success you desire. Brad maintains his success by realizing the importance of staying grateful and helping others!