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Jun 27, 2024

In this engaging episode of the Millionaire Car Salesman podcast, host Sean V. Bradley converses with Angel Gross, part-owner of 144 Motors—an independent dealership in Goldsboro, North Carolina. With aspirations to significantly increase sales, Angel seeks Sean's expert advice on strategies to enhance traffic and conversion rates at her dealership!

Tune in to hear Sean's insights on effective tactics for boosting dealership performance, including innovative approaches to marketing, inventory management, and building a strong referral network. This episode is packed with valuable takeaways for anyone in the automotive industry looking to drive more traffic and increase sales! Don't miss out on these expert tips that can transform your dealership's success!


Key Takeaways

  • Optimize Your Website: Ensure that your dealership’s website is SEO-friendly and drives traffic directly to your Vehicle Display Pages (VDPs). Consider using a professional service specializing in automotive websites.

  • Leads and Advertising: Consider online classifieds and third-party lead providers like AutoTrader,, and TrueCar, but be mindful of costs and the need for high-quality leads.

  • Inventory Acquisition Strategy: Develop relationships with local businesses such as motorcycle dealerships, RV dealerships, and more, to acquire vehicles through trade-ins rather than just auctions.

  • Referral Programs: Enhance your referral program to make it more enticing. Consider increasing payout amounts temporarily to stimulate immediate sales growth.

  • Leveraging Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook Marketplace for free advertising and consider paid social media ads for more targeted reach and lead generation.



About Angel Gross

Angel Gross is the part-owner of 144 Motors, an independent automobile dealership located in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Angel manages various operational aspects of the dealership, including inventory management and sales strategies. With a strong determination to boost sales and enhance business performance, Angel seeks innovative approaches to attract more customers and drive growth within a highly competitive market.




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Proven Strategies to Boost Sales in Independent Dealerships: Insights from Sean V. Bradley and Angel Gross

Key Takeaways

  • Diversify lead generation and acquisition strategies to combat slow traffic and sales.

  • Leverage organic SEO and strategic partnerships to enhance visibility and customer flow.

  • Invest in a robust referral network to generate consistent, high-quality leads.



The Power of Diversification in Lead Generation

Independent dealerships often face the challenge of attracting sufficient traffic and generating leads. For Angel Gross and her dealership, 144 Motors in Goldsboro, North Carolina, this is a pressing issue. With a goal of increasing their monthly sales from 8-10 units to 20, diversification in lead generation strategies becomes essential. Sean V. Bradley, president of Dealer Synergy, emphasizes the need for multiple avenues to generate business opportunities.

"You need leads that, like, as someone your size, you need opportunities to do business," Bradley asserts. He highlights a comprehensive approach, suggesting online classifieds like Autotrader,, CarGurus, Kelley Blue Book, and Edmunds. These platforms offer inventory-based opportunities by syndicating your listings, exploiting the SEO potential through Vehicle Display Pages (VDPs), and driving traffic directly to your dealership’s website.

However, Bradley also warns of the high costs associated with these services, which may not be cost-effective for smaller dealerships. For instance, Autotrader could charge up to $10,000 a month for their 'bells and whistles,' an investment that may be unrealistic for independent dealerships with limited budgets. Therefore, evaluating each service’s cost-benefit ratio is crucial.



The Strategic Use of Organic SEO and Partnerships

In the digital age, having a robust online presence goes beyond just having a website. For 144 Motors, Bradley suggests focusing on making their digital footprint more effective through organic SEO and strategic content creation. He advises against over-reliance on paid Google Ads, which are not cost-effective given their low click-through rates.

Bradley emphasizes, "You should have a website that is designed the right way for your small business… focused on organic search engine optimization." This involves optimizing content on the dealership’s website, such as creating dedicated pages for special financing and bad credit solutions. These pages can significantly improve organic search rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find the dealership.

Moreover, Bradley champions leveraging strategic partnerships with local businesses to enhance visibility and generate leads. Establishing relationships with motorcycle dealerships, RV dealerships, and power sports dealerships can create a mutually beneficial arrangement where both parties profit from referrals and trade-ins. For instance, dealerships might receive vehicles that motorcycle dealers do not want to keep, thus broadening their inventory without the high costs associated with auctions and transportation.

Bradley states, "The auction is the worst thing for you guys." He explains that buying cars directly from local businesses or the public provides a more cost-effective and sustainable solution. By focusing on relationships and building a localized network, dealerships can secure better inventory while reducing operational costs.



Building a Robust Referral Network

Referral networks can be a game-changer for independent dealerships, creating a sustainable flow of high-quality leads. Bradley passionately believes in investing in a robust referral program that motivates individuals to bring potential buyers.

"You have got to develop a referral network… I don't know if I'm going to break my neck for $200. But you're telling me I can make $700 by giving these people two deals?" Bradley's insight underscores the need for substantial financial incentives to compel potential referrers to actively participate in the program.

To illustrate, Bradley suggests targeting individuals with significant social reach, such as bartenders, tattoo artists, waiters, and other local business employees who interact with numerous people daily. These individuals can act as ‘informants’ who bridge the gap between the dealership and potential buyers. By offering higher referral fees, even on a temporary basis, dealerships can stimulate interest and increase the volume of qualified leads.



Through diversification in lead generation, strategic SEO use, local partnerships, and a robust referral network, independent dealerships like 144 Motors can navigate slow sales periods and reach their sales goals. By integrating these approaches, the potential for sustainable growth and market presence becomes more attainable, ensuring the dealership's long-term success. Engaging in continuous assessment and adaptation of these strategies will keep the dealership ahead in a competitive market, driving consistent customer traffic and sales.