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Jun 11, 2024

In this episode of the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, LA Williams hosts Mary Bartlett, a prominent figure in the automotive industry. With an illustrious career spanning almost two decades, Mary shares her journey from a marketing graduate to a general manager, and now a Vice President of Business Development at Montway Auto Transport. Mary offers compelling insights into the automotive sector, focusing on customer experience, leadership, and operational efficiency.

Mary’s story begins with her foray into the automotive industry through a newspaper ad, leading to a successful sales career where she emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction. She recounts her rapid rise through the ranks, attributing her success to her ability to create memorable experiences for her customers. Transitioning into the management realm, Mary highlights the significance of servant leadership and building strong relationships within her team to drive performance and satisfaction. This episode also explores Montway's innovative solutions for automotive transportation, aimed at simplifying logistics and providing consistent, transparent services to dealerships.


Key Takeaways

  • Customer Experience: Mary emphasizes that creating a positive experience for customers is more crucial than merely selling cars.

  • Servant Leadership: Successful management involves serving your team, leading by example, and supporting their growth and performance.

  • Montway Auto Transport: Montway offers a transparent and efficient transportation portal that aids dealerships in managing logistics with ease and reliability.

  • Adaptability and Learning: Continuous self-improvement through reading, asking questions, and exploring new methods is vital in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

  • Effective Utilization of Resources: Leveraging tools like Montway’s Automated Portal can save time and improve operational efficiency for dealerships.



About Mary Bartlett

Mary Bartlett joined Montway Auto Transport in 2022 as the Director of Business Development, bringing with her over 20 years of extensive industry experience. Her exceptional leadership and innovative strategies quickly led to her promotion to Vice President of Business Development. In 2023, Mary’s contributions to the field were recognized with the prestigious Women in Supply Chain Award, highlighting her as a trailblazer in the industry.

Before joining Montway, Mary dedicated 12 years to CARFAX, where she revolutionized dealer processes and provided exceptional support to a region encompassing 3,800 dealerships. Her expertise and dedication significantly enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction within the network. Additionally, Mary has held various pivotal roles at franchise dealerships, further solidifying her comprehensive understanding of the automotive sector.

Mary’s career is marked by her ability to drive growth, foster innovation, and lead teams to success. At Montway Auto Transport, she continues to leverage her vast experience to advance the company’s mission and set new standards in business development.


About Montway Auto Transport

Montway is one of the largest and most reputable auto transport companies in the country! Ship Your Car with the #1 Rated Auto Transport Company in the USA. $0 Up Front. Full Insurance Coverage. Customers include thousands of satisfied individuals, as well as corporate clients in the moving and relocation, dealership, auctions, and OEM industries!

Montway Auto Transport has safely shipped 1,000,000+ vehicles to all 50 states. Read their 90,000+ online reviews to hear more about Montway’s 5-star customer service!




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From Car Sales to Servant Leadership: Transforming the Automotive Industry

Key Takeaways

  • Creating a Memorable Customer Experience: Elevating sales by focusing on providing exceptional customer experiences rather than just pushing products.

  • Servant Leadership in Management: Demonstrating how leadership that serves its team can result in higher employee satisfaction, improved performance, and ultimately better customer outcomes.

  • Innovative Solutions in Car Transport: Discussing the advantages of leveraging technology for vehicle transportation, creating transparency and improving efficiency for dealerships.



Creating a Memorable Customer Experience in Automotive Sales

In today's competitive world, the automotive industry demands more than just salesmanship—it requires a robust focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Mary Bartlett’s illustrious career trajectory in the car business underscores the critical importance of treating customers with care and respect. As Mary aptly puts it, "People don’t buy cars; they buy experiences."

Mary’s insight delves deep into the art of selling cars. She recounts her early experience where she sold a car without being a salesperson, simply by being honest and transparent. "I just told them, I'm not a salesperson…I think immediately they were like, you're not a car salesman," she recalls. This genuine approach broke down customer barriers instantly. Similarly, fostering this honesty and warmth in dealership practices can engender customer loyalty and repeat business.

Moreover, Mary emphasizes the need to adapt to modern customers who demand convenience and a seamless buying experience. "When you look at the most successful companies in the world, Amazon…they make it convenient," she notes, suggesting that the same principle applies to car dealerships. By prioritizing customer convenience and engagement, dealerships can set themselves apart in a crowded market.


Servant Leadership: A New Paradigm in Dealership Management

Servant leadership stands out as a transformative force within the automotive industry. Mary Bartlett’s career ascent from a car salesperson to the Vice President of Business Development for Motley is a testament to the power of this leadership style. "I've always been a manager that serves her team," she affirms, explaining her methodology of leading by example.

This hands-on approach was epitomized during her tenure as a General Manager when she cleaned a bathroom herself to demonstrate her commitment to workplace cleanliness and her team’s morale. "I think you have to show people that you want them to win at all costs," Mary asserts. Such acts of service and humility foster a positive work environment and inspire employees to put in their best efforts.

Mary’s narrative aligns with broader trends in organizational leadership where empathy, support, and shared goals drive the team forward. By investing time in understanding and addressing the needs of their staff, managers can enhance job satisfaction and performance. "When people don't feel heard…what does that satisfaction look like?" she questions, underscoring the necessity of effective communication and active listening in leadership roles.

Innovative Solutions in Car Transport: A New Frontier

The realm of vehicle transportation often lingers in the background of dealership operations, but it holds crucial importance. This is where Mary Bartlett’s current role with Montway Auto Transport becomes pivotal. She highlights the advantages of leveraging technology to streamline this process. "Dealers are some of the smartest people…but transportation is kind of in the back of their mind," she observes, introducing the Montway Automated Portal (MAP) as a game-changer.

MAP offers dealerships real-time quotes for vehicle transport, ensuring transparency and consistency. This innovative tool allows users to track vehicles from start to finish and maintain detailed records, resolving many logistical headaches. "Knowing what you're going to pay in the transport before you even bid on that car is very helpful," Mary explains, emphasizing how this knowledge aids in making profitable buying decisions.

Furthermore, Montway’s commitment to customer service is exemplified by their proactive problem-solving approach. Mary recounts a scenario where they arranged a Thanksgiving vehicle delivery to prevent potential damage to a dealership’s reputation. "It cost us some money…but it was the right thing to do," she remarks, showcasing Montway’s dedication to their dealer partners.

Amplifying Success Through Continuous Learning and Development

Mary Bartlett’s impressive career path is underpinned by her relentless pursuit of self-improvement and learning. The importance of continuous education and being proactive in gaining knowledge come through strongly in her narrative. "I'm consistently reading," she states, pointing to books like "Unreasonable Hospitality" as sources of valuable insights.

The practice of dedicating time each day to activities that push one out of their comfort zone can significantly enhance leadership and personal growth. "Take 20 minutes a day doing something that makes you uncomfortable," Mary advises, underscoring the value of challenging oneself. Whether through reading industry-specific literature, engaging with educational content on platforms like LinkedIn Learning, or participating in professional conferences, the pursuit of knowledge remains a cornerstone of professional excellence.

Moreover, fostering a culture of openness and curiosity is vital. Mary’s method of asking thought-provoking questions, such as "What keeps you up at night?" helps unearth deeper insights and solutions that might not be immediately evident. This reflective approach not only nurtures personal development but also strengthens organizational strategies and operations.

Mary Bartlett’s dynamic insights present a comprehensive framework for thriving in the automotive industry. Focusing on customer experience, embracing servant leadership, utilizing innovative transportation solutions, and committing to continuous learning form the cornerstone of transformational success. As dealerships and industry professionals internalize these principles, they pave the way for a prosperous and resilient future in automotive sales and management.