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Apr 9, 2024

In this riveting episode, two titans of the automotive industry, Sean V. Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy, and LA Williams, the Blind Master, delve into the riveting journey of Glenn Lundy! They uncover the strategic maneuvers and philosophies behind Lundy's record-setting success in growing a Chevy dealership by 800%. The conversation unfolds insights into intentional leadership, team motivation, and innovative dealership management that cuts across traditional boundaries.

Glenn Lundy imparts his unique perspective on effective dealership growth strategies, emphasizing the importance of daily motivational routines, organizational culture shifts, and scalable processes. His enlightening discussion with Sean V. Bradley goes beyond surface-level tactics, digging into the mindset transformations required for massive dealership success. Each recount of the journey brings out the crisp details of the methods that can turn any average dealership around to face a trajectory of exponential growth.


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Key Takeaways

  • Dealerships can achieve unprecedented growth by reassessing and transforming their organizational culture and daily routines.

  • Effective leadership in automotive sales involves celebrating your team's victories, reinforcing positive behavior, and fostering development.

  • Understanding and theorizing car sales as a function of professional speaking can provide a competitive edge in communicating and persuading customers.

  • Adapting to market changes, focusing on used car sales, and being proactive rather than reactive are essential strategies for sustained success post-pandemic.

  • Creating a dedicated vehicle buying center with skilled buyers can drastically improve inventory quality and dealership profitability.

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About Glenn Lundy

Glenn Lundy is known for his transformative impact in the automotive sales industry. As the former General Manager of Dan Cummings Chevrolet & Buick, he led his team to a monumental 800% growth within six years. His expertise doesn't end there; Lundy stands out as a mentor, motivational speaker, and strategist, who empowers dealership managers and owners to exceed their professional goals. His winning strategy dubbed the "800% Club," is encapsulated in a lifestyle revolving around eight pillars that extend beyond work into personal growth domains.




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