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Apr 2, 2024

In this dynamic episode of the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, Host Sean V. Bradley unveils the transformative strategies propelling the automotive industry forward! Joining Sean is Mike Trudeau. Mike Trudeau is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Montway Auto Transport. 

Mike, with a wealth of experience in automotive logistics, unravels the complex web of auto transport management. He educates dealers on consolidating various vendors to enjoy a seamless one-stop shop experience! Moreover, Mike explores strategic car acquisitions beyond traditional channels, shedding light on innovative approaches to sourcing vehicles and optimizing inventory management!

Tune in to this episode to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic forces shaping the future of automotive sales and discover practical strategies for staying ahead in this rapidly evolving industry!


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Key Takeaways

  • Utilizing auto transportation services like Montway can provide customers with a seamless experience in both purchasing and receiving their vehicles.

  • Dealers can strategically incorporate transportation costs into the car deal, creating additional revenue streams or providing competitive advantages.

  • Streamlining a dealership's auto transport needs into one provider can lead to significant savings and a more organized logistics process.

  • Innovative approaches to car acquisition, like partnering with non-traditional entities and utilizing transportation cost tools, can boost both inventory and profits.

  • The automotive retail environment is evolving, with a focus on ease and convenience signaling the post-pandemic new normal in customer expectations and dealership operations.

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About Mike Trudeau

Mike Trudeau is Montway’s accomplished Executive Vice President of Business Development. Since joining the company in 2018, Mike has been instrumental in expanding the logistics division and supporting the company’s growth.

He is known for implementing impactful sales initiatives that significantly contribute to Montway’s success. One of his key achievements was spearheading the launch of the Montway Automation Portal (M.A.P.), an advanced platform that provides business-to-business customers with complete transparency into their auto transport processes and costs. Under Mike’s leadership, Montway has expanded its customer base nationwide. 

Mike boasts a rich professional background in the automotive industry, spanning logistics, car rental and remarketing. Prior to joining Montway, he held the position of Remarketing Group Sales Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car for seven years, honing his skills and gaining invaluable experience. He also worked for United Road Services, building a foundation in sales, operations and customer service.

Recognized for his expertise and insights, Mike has been featured in various media, sharing his perspectives on the evolving landscape of the auto transport and logistics industry. With his remarkable track record in business development, Mike is an important asset to Montway.




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Revolutionizing the Automotive Experience: Insights from Sean V. Bradley's Expert Panel

The automotive industry is undergoing significant changes, with technology playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of car buying and selling. From leveraging artificial intelligence to perfecting logistics, professionals within the industry must adapt to stay ahead. A recent conversation with Sean V. Bradley and Mike Trudeau illuminates key strategies for dealerships to drive success in the evolving landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leveraging transportation can enhance the car buying experience, offering convenience to customers and opportunities for increased dealership revenue.

  • A centralized transportation strategy with a one-stop-shop like Motway can streamline logistics, saving dealers money and time.

  • The power of acquisition strategies beyond auctions holds potential for significant profit opportunities for dealerships.

Expanding Reach with Automotive Transportation

Selling Cars Beyond Borders

Car dealerships have traditionally operated within a certain radius, relying heavily on in-person sales. However, the shift toward digital retailing necessitates a closer look at delivery and transportation services. Sean V. Bradley puts it succinctly: "Why don't we turn around and say that this is the way we do business?" By including home delivery as part of a dealership's value proposition, dealers can capture a larger market share and cater to a convenience-driven consumer. Mike Trudeau supports this by emphasizing the importance of transportation services that can deliver vehicles across the country, revealing a simple truth: "if Elon Musk could go to Mars, Motway Transports could take the car to your house."

Convenience as a Sales Strategy

By integrating a reliable auto transportation resource like Motway into the sales process, dealers can offer a seamless purchase experience that continues even after the customer has left the digital showroom. As Bradley points out, this not only opens up the dealership's market potential but also presents an opportunity to incorporate delivery costs into their pricing strategies–ultimately contributing to profitability.

Centralizing Automotive Logistics

Unifying Transportation Vendors

In the current model, dealers often grapple with managing various transport vendors across different states. Trudeau highlights the logistical nightmare this presents and proposes an alternative: "You got a one-stop-shop…in a large scale nationwide auto broker like Motway." Centralizing transportation not only simplifies logistics but also allows dealers to keep a closer eye on costs and streamline their operations. This shift can make a noticeable difference in a dealership's bottom line, as consolidating vendors often leads to cost savings and increased efficiency.

Benefits of Streamlining Transportation

By utilizing a company like Motway, dealerships gain visibility across all their rooftops under one system. Dealers can track where and when cars are bought, assess transport costs, and optimize their inventory management. Implementing such a strategy frees up dealers to focus on what matters most–selling cars and desk deals–while leaving the complexities of logistics to a dedicated partner.

Acquiring Vehicles Beyond Auctions

Creative Acquisition Strategies

Procuring cars solely through auctions is increasingly viewed as an unsustainable practice, with dealers paying a premium for inventory. Variety beyond auctions offers a lucrative alternative for dealers to acquire vehicles. As Trudeau underscores, understanding transportation costs before purchasing cars is vital to profitability. He shares a practical tool that provides transportation quotes in real-time, ensuring dealers can factor these costs into their purchasing decisions.

Broadening Acquisition Resources

Danny Zieloski's innovative vehicle buying center model demonstrates that forming relationships with non-traditional partners such as RV, motorcycle, or power sports dealerships can be a goldmine for sourcing used cars. Dealerships that adopt such strategies are better positioned to capitalize on unique market opportunities, thereby enhancing their acquisition process and profitability.

The Emerging Future of Automotive Sales and Logistics

The insights provided by Sean V. Bradley and Mike Trudeau present a compelling case for the continued integration of transportation services into the dealership model. The conversations underscore the need for dealers to adapt and innovate, whether through expanding delivery options or embracing novel vehicle acquisition methods. In essence, embracing change and leveraging the right partnerships can redefine the automotive sales experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and dealership profits.

Motway's solution embodies the crucial elements of convenience, efficiency, and forward-thinking that are paramount in the current automotive climate. As the industry continues to evolve, those who recognize and react to these industry shifts will rise above the competition. The ability to streamline logistics and create a seamless buying process is not merely an option – it's quickly becoming an imperative in the quest to deliver unparalleled customer experiences and drive a successful future in automotive retail.