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Mar 19, 2024

In this enlightening episode of the Millionaire Car Salesman podcast, titled "Mastering the Internet Director Department," hosts Sean V. Bradley and L.A. Williams welcome automotive industry expert Keric Davis to explore the intricacies of running a successful internet department in an auto dealership! The conversation dives deep into the importance of crafting a cohesive strategy that empowers sales professionals to leverage digital tools effectively, streamline customer interactions, and ultimately drive sales to new heights!

Kicking off the discussion, Sean highlights the pivotal role of an internet director, emphasizing the need for prompt responses to inbound leads and the significance of consistent follow-up efforts! The episode also addresses common misconceptions surrounding internet and BDC management roles, shedding light on the invaluable contributions these departments make to the dealership's overall success! Drawing from his extensive experience, Keric shares valuable insights into the evolving landscape of automotive sales, emphasizing the growing importance of technology-driven customer interactions!

Listeners will gain valuable insights from the hosts' practical advice on achieving operational excellence, including strategies for maintaining control over engagements, optimizing time management, and enhancing lead follow-up processes! Furthermore, the episode underscores the importance of fostering a collaborative environment within the dealership, where internet directors play a vital role in facilitating synergy between BDC representatives, sales managers, and other key stakeholders!

Tune in to this episode to discover actionable tips and strategies for mastering the internet director department and driving unprecedented success in automotive sales!


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Key Takeaways

  • Effective leadership for an Internet or BDC Department requires managers to be proactive in managing live customer engagements and tracking leads meticulously.

  • Encouraging a paradigm shift amongst sales managers to view Internet or BDC management roles as opportunities rather than demotions or secondary responsibilities.

  • The significance of real-time 'T.O.' processes in Internet sales, ensuring no customer interaction ends without a managerial touchpoint.

  • A department's success is largely dependent on its adherence to follow-up protocol, perseverance, and a high volume of contact attempts.

  • Fostering an interdependent and synergistic culture amongst BDC reps, point-guards, and salespeople is key to driving consistent sales growth.

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About Keric Davis

Keric Davis is a seasoned automotive professional based in Boise, Idaho. With over eight years of experience in the industry, he currently holds the dual role of Internet Manager and Floor Manager at Dennis Dillon Nissan. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Keric's journey in automotive began in 2000. Throughout his career, he has held diverse roles including desk manager and sales manager, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. Known for his adeptness at leveraging new technologies and communication methods, Keric excels in his position as Internet Manager, where he leads with a combination of extensive experience and strategic sales management skills.




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Mastering the Internet Director Role in Automotive Sales: Strategies for Success

The automotive sales landscape has evolved, with a significant pivot towards digital showrooms and online customer engagement. In this new era, the role of an Internet Director is pivotal in driving sales and maintaining robust customer relationships. Sean V. Bradley, a seasoned industry expert, alongside Keric Davis, an experienced Internet Manager, engage in a deep dive into the strategies and techniques pivotal for success in today's automotive Internet sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Engagement is key: The primary focus of an Internet Director should be managing and monitoring customer engagement across all platforms.

  • Follow-up is foundational: The bulk of the job involves consistent and strategic follow-ups to leads that have yet to make contact.

  • Integrate interdependence: Cultivating a culture of teamwork and shared goals within the department is crucial for collective success.


The Importance of Customer Engagement

Managing customer interactions is a top priority for Internet Directors. Immediate communication with engaged customers can be the difference between a lost opportunity and a lucrative sale. "When you're running your day, what a director's gotta do," Sean emphasizes, with Keric agreeing, "immediate first and foremost concern."


Prioritizing Engagement
The difficulty in establishing the first contact with potential buyers signifies the importance of prioritizing those actively engaging with the dealership. Internet Directors should "have situational control over...who is having conversations with us." Keeping a record of engaged conversations and strategizing responses is paramount to ensure opportunities aren't missed.


The Focus on Conversations
Sean outlines the necessity to "differentiate between the two realities. You're either in follow-up or you're in engagement". Focusing on actively engaged prospects ensures efficient usage of time and resources, and helps in building a credible customer relationship that often leads to conversions.


The Follow-Up Strategy

For Internet directors, rigorous follow-up with potential buyers forms the bedrock of their role. It's not just about chasing leads but constructing a consistent follow-up pattern that maximizes the conversion likelihood. "The hardest part of Internet sales... is just making contact with a prospect," Sean reflects, highlighting the necessity of persistent outreach.


Time Maximization
It's vital for Internet Directors to be time maximization experts. Sean criticizes the common time-wasting practice of pre-call preparation for leads that may not even answer, "dial the phones first, then start reading, doing the research."


Reconciling CRM Data
An Internet Director must reconcile data regularly, ensuring the CRM prompts the right follow-up actions. An overlooked but crucial aspect is reviewing "the last time she touched people," identifying long-untouched leads and rectifying follow-up strategies.


Building a Culture of Interdependence

Success in the role goes beyond engagement and follow-up; it's also about creating a positive, cooperative team culture. This involves ensuring that the Internet and showroom teams collaborate efficiently and align with the dealership's goals.


Cohesion in the Team
Keric shares his success at Dennis Dillon Auto Group through fostering a collaborative team atmosphere where "we have record high numbers for our individual car counts for both our BDC and our sales team." The group dynamic is essential, with the Internet department functioning as a tightly-knit machine.


The Sales Team as Mentors
Promoting a mentoring mentality is crucial, with salespeople advising Internet Coordinators, ensuring a cohesive approach to customer service and sales. Creating a learning environment within the team not only enhances capabilities but collectively raises the department's performance.

The insights presented by Sean V. Bradley and Keric Davis offer a wealth of knowledge for current and aspiring Internet Directors in the automotive industry. From maintaining diligent customer engagement to establishing relentless follow-up methods and cultivating a vibrant culture of interdependence, their conversation lays out a blueprint for success in the digital era of car sales. It underscores the transformative power of leveraging both technology and human capital to achieve exceptional outcomes. Through strategic oversight and a cohesive team approach, Internet Directors can significantly boost sales and foster a progressive dealership model in tune with modern consumer expectations.