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Mar 12, 2024

In this insightful episode, marketing professionals and automobile aficionados are treated to an engaging discussion with Joe Zumpella, the Director of Marketing for the Cochran Automotive Group! The conversation swiftly homes in on innovative methods for creating customer loyalty, leveraging the power of digital advertising, and establishing a palpable presence in local communities. With an unwavering dedication to both customer value and communal involvement, Zumpella's narratives offer a masterclass in balancing successful automotive marketing with corporate social responsibility!

Joe Zumpella's journey from a casual dealership visitor to a marketing maven for a vast dealer network is as unconventional as it is intriguing! He underscores the effectiveness of geo-targeted digital campaigns, the significance of maintaining a positive community footprint, and the importance of press outreach in amplifying humanitarian efforts. The dialogue transitions smoothly to the technical realm of digital marketing. Discussions about SEO and SEM highlight the necessity of a cohesive relationship between dealership representatives and marketing vendors to realize the full potential of these platforms! Tune in to hear WHO Joe uses to maintain being the marketing master of his region!


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Key Takeaways

  • Joe Zumpella shares his unexpected entry into the automotive industry and the importance of community-driven marketing strategies.

  • Number one Cochran Automotive Group stands out in its commitment to philanthropy, highlighting specific charitable programs and initiatives.

  • Zumpella offers insights into effective use of earned media strategies to promote community-oriented events and causes.

  • The conversation reveals the impact and significance of SEO and SEM in automotive marketing, and the value of vendor partnerships.

  • Tips on building relationships with local media and leveraging free press opportunities as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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About Joe Zumpella

Joe Zumpella is an expert marketing professional with two decades of experience, including five years dedicated to the automotive industry. His journey began in the golf industry, where he excelled in sales and spearheaded the creation of As the Director of eCommerce, Joe navigated the digital landscape, propelling the brand to the top 10 golf retail sites nationally.

Transitioning to a boutique digital marketing company in Cleveland, Joe continued to lead successful digital marketing teams. His foray into the automotive sector commenced at Autosoft DMS, where he blended his marketing expertise with insights into the automotive business.

A fateful encounter at Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC marked a pivotal moment. Initially just passing time with his daughter, Joe's experience caught the eye of the sales manager, leading to an unexpected interview. This twist of fate landed him a role as the Digital Marketing Director, steering the dealership's marketing efforts.

The narrative took another turn when the dealership underwent acquisition by #1 Cochran. Undeterred, Joe expanded his responsibilities, overseeing marketing for a network of seven dealerships in northeast Ohio. Today, Joe Zumpella stands at the helm of both digital and traditional marketing for this thriving platform, shaping strategies and driving success in the dynamic automotive landscape




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Driving Customer Loyalty and Community Impact: Strategies from the Auto Industry's Front Lines

In the high-octane world of automotive sales, building customer relationships and staying ahead in the digital landscape are key to success. A transcript from industry thought leaders provides a rare glimpse into the strategies employed by a top-tier dealership group. These strategies are not just about selling vehicles; they're about creating lasting connections with customers and making meaningful contributions to local communities. Here, we unpack the insights shared by Joe Zumpella, Director of Marketing for Cochrane Automotive Group, on a podcast with Sean V. Bradley.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing strong community ties through charity work can enhance a dealership's public image and build deeper customer relationships.
  • A strategic partnership with a firm specializing in digital marketing, like SEO and SEM, is indispensable for modern dealership success.
  • Dealerships should maintain active collaboration with marketing vendors for optimal performance and accountability.

Crafting Customer Loyalty through Equity and Lease Ads

The Cochrane Automotive Group leverages data to cultivate customer loyalty ingeniously. Joe Zumpella explains how they target specific groups, such as vehicle owners with positive equity and leaseholders nearing contract end. By showing these customers tailored ads on social media, the group not only incentivizes repeat business but also strengthens its reputation for attentive customer service.

"I can pull customers that purchased a vehicle from us that have positive equity, that have less than 36 months remaining on their term. And I can show them an ad that right there for creating customer loyalty is huge." – Joe Zumpella

Driving Community Engagement Forward:
The act of engaging customers through targeted advertising is also an exercise in transparency and trust-building. It shows that the dealership acknowledges and rewards customer loyalty, which in turn fosters a sense of belonging and goodwill toward the brand.

Expanded Reach Through Digital Platforms:
Incorporating leaseholders into this strategy represents a smart expansion of the dealership’s reach. By targeting leaseholders approaching the end of their terms, they tap into a market poised for immediate decision-making, likely resulting in increased conversions and sustained customer loyalty.


Harnessing the Power of Community Involvement

Cochrane Automotive Group doesn't just sell cars; they actively participate in community welfare, distinguishing themselves as a dealership that cares. From organizing marathons to supporting local charities, their involvement runs deep, resonating with customers who value corporate responsibility.

"We support the local university. At YSU, that's huge, because a lot of the family-owned dealerships that were here prior... they were highly involved in the community... So most of these dealerships are all within an hour, hour and a half driving distance of each other." – Joe Zumpella

Localized Impact and Brand Identity:
Local involvement reflects the group’s commitment to their immediate environment, enriching the brand’s identity as a caring neighbor rather than a faceless entity. This community-forward approach helps cement their local presence and enhance customer loyalty.

The Ripple Effect of Altruism:
Community actions often generate a positive ripple effect, inspiring others to engage in similar efforts. By setting an example, the dealership fosters a culture of giving that not only benefits the community but also solidifies the group's reputation as a benefactor and ally.


The Digital Marketing Edge: Making SEO and SEM Work for You

Zumpella stresses the importance of maintaining a robust online presence to thrive in today’s digital-first marketplace. By forging a genuine partnership with Search Lab—a company specializing in SEM and SEO—they've carved a niche for themselves in the crowded digital space.

"I talk to each of them multiple times a week... And it's become a partnership that is very valuable." – Joe Zumpella

Collaborative Dynamics in Digital Marketing:
The partnership with Search Lab isn't transactional; it's cooperative, implying that the automotive group works closely with their SEO and SEM specialists to tailor strategies that reflect their unique market position.

Education as a Competitive Advantage:
With a knowledge-savvy marketing director like Zumpella at the helm, Cochrane Automotive Group ensures that their strategies are not just cutting-edge but also comprehensible to the internal team. This empowers the dealership to make informed decisions and stay agile in response to market trends.

The insights from Sean V. Bradley and Joe Zumpella underscore the dynamic and multifaceted nature of marketing within the automotive sector. Community involvement, customer loyalty, and adept use of digital marketing tools form a triad of tactics that can propel a dealership from mere profitability to a position of influence and respect within both the marketplace and the broader community. The Cochrane Automotive Group serves as a case study in the profound impact these strategies can have when executed with care, expertise, and a genuine desire to create lasting connections.