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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Mar 12, 2019

Marilyn Batres had a career with Sharp but made the decision to enter an industry she knew nothing about 12 years ago and has never looked back. 

Marilyn increased her Internet Department by 200 units per month as a result of her motto - "If you work hard and do what you are asked the sky is the limit!" To Marilyn working hard is having your priorities straight. As a manager, your priority should be to touch and stay aware of the work that is being done in your department on a daily basis. 

You're only as good as your team. To keep the attrition rate low managers must realize that people like training and structure, create that environment!

Entering a foreign industry, Marilyn quickly realized that focusing your training on your weakness is the most beneficial for your success. She has implemented that philosophy into her department and continues to build her team.