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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Jan 10, 2023

This week on the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, Sean V. Bradley interviews Cody Carter, the #1 Car Salesman in the US with a record of $1,092,000 in personal income in 2022. Cody breaks down how he has excelled through the inventory shortage.

How has Cody mastered the art of selling? How can you Sell Cars Like Cody? What secrets can you learn from Cody Carter? Listen in to learn how to use Cody’s expertise to boost your own numbers.


About Cody Carter

Cody Carter has been in automotive sales for the last 10+ years and has earned himself the title of #1 Salesman in the Nation. He currently is the Internet Sales Manager at Tustin Toyota with his own Toyota webpage, Cody’s Tustin Toyota, and platform, SellLikeCody. Cody took initiative and drove his own personal traffic to his website, his last name spelled backwards, and now is: Cody’s Tustin Toyota. Cody has built his brand, Retrac Auto, and surpassed the rest of the country in car sales! 


About Tustin Toyota

Tustin Toyota offers many automotive products and services. From new Toyota cars to used cars in Orange County, CA, Tustin Toyota knows anyone looking for a new or used car in Tustin, will find something at our Orange County, CA, Toyota dealership serving Santa Ana. The dealership carries the complete line of new Toyota models, including the 2022 Camry, 2022 Avalon, 2022 Tacoma, 2022 Prius and 2022 Corolla, making them a great choice for a Toyota in Orange County - serving the Anaheim and Santa Ana area.

Services include trusted service and auto repair, original accessories and auto parts, and superior financing and car loans for Tustin and Anaheim area customers.

Tustin Toyota is also a proud member of the Automotive Club of Southern California and are recognized by AAA.



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