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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Nov 1, 2022

This week, the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast is hosted by the one-and-only 'Blind Master' L.A. Williams! L.A. discusses with Tianna Mick, AKA T Got Your Keys, on her 'Automotive Road Show'! During October, Tianna spent the last month traveling around the country from one automotive conference after the next. 

The first stop was in Miami, Florida, for the annual National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD) Conference, where we get a behind-the-scenes look at the week-long event. Dealer Synergy's Founder, Sean V. Bradley, keynoted the conference and introduced the automotive industries first projecting, forecasting, and daily activity software - The Money Mind Mapp! The Dealer Synergy team exhibited and connected with the top minority automotive professionals across the nation.

Next, LA Williams dives into the Digital Dealer Las Vegas 2022 experience! Tianna Mick presented her session: How Your Community Can Become Your Greatest Asset. After detailing the session's key takeaways, the two discuss a technical difficulty that could have turned the presentation into a DISASTER… Luckily the audience didn't have a clue. 

The final stop on the Automotive Road Show led us to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, where Tianna attended the exclusive Ally A-List Summit! She was thrilled to receive a fully paid scholarship to the Ally Academy to be educated on overall dealership operations and proper management techniques. 


Close your eyes, listen closely, and you'll feel like you were on tour too!

Follow this link to read our personal blogs detailing the events:


About Tianna Mick, aka T Got Your Keys

Tianna Mick, fresh off of the showroom floor, focuses on Business Development and Industry Relations for Dealer Synergy. She was consistently the top-grossing salesperson, averaging 20+ units and generating $9K – $10K each month in personal income at only 19 years old. Tianna is globally recognized for her award-winning website, which was voted as the #1 Personal Website in the Automotive Industry. 

Additionally, Tianna is a NADA 2022 Speaker, Multi-time Digital Dealer Speaker, Internet Sales 20 Group Speaker, voted/awarded #1 Influential Female Car Salesperson of 2019, published in Digital Dealer Magazine, and an expert at showroom sales, lead/referral generation, customer satisfaction, and personal/business branding. Most recently, General Motors invited Tianna to speak on the importance of Diversity, LGBTQ+ Communities, Realities, & Economics in the Automotive Industry.


About Dealer Synergy

Dealer Synergy is an Award-Winning Training, Consulting, and Accountability firm that has built the most profitable Internet Sales and Business Development departments for Automotive Dealerships across North America. Clients will have access to live support from our expertly trained Management Team, our Technology Team, to assist with all website, graphics, video production, and social networking needs, and our team of analysts who excel in human resources, mystery shopping, and phone training!



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