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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Welcome to The Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast – your ultimate destination for insights, strategies, and success stories from the frontlines of the automotive industry! Hosted by the dynamic duo, Sean V. Bradley, CSP and L.A. Williams "The Blind Master", this podcast is designed to empower automotive professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in today's competitive market!

Every episode brings you engaging discussions with industry experts, thought leaders, and trailblazers who share their secrets to success. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey in the automotive world, you'll find actionable insights and inspiration to elevate your game!

From mastering sales techniques and digital marketing strategies to cultivating leadership skills and fostering customer loyalty, The Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast covers it all. Tune in each week to stay ahead of the curve and take your career to new heights!

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Feb 26, 2019

Karen’s story with Dealer Synergy began in 2007 when she met Sean. She began her career in the finance and accounting industry and rose through the ranks to become the CEO of multiple companies!

Karen is one of THE premiere women in the automotive industry, with over 11 years of Automotive Sales experience. Her sole mission has been to help car dealerships and their personnel achieve their maximum potential. She has directly helped over 1,300 rooftops and tens of thousands of Automotive Sales Professionals evolve personally and professionally!

She is a Time Maximization EXPERT and as a certified Franklin Covey Trainer and Facilitator has been invited to speak at multiple conferences across the country. Karen has lived by the principle of "Begin With The End In Mind", disciplining yourself to achieve your maximum potential.