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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

May 10, 2022

This week on the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, Sean V. Bradley, CSP and L.A. Williams  talk about qualifying prospects the right way. What does that look like? Qualifying a prospect is not just about gathering information, but understanding the prospects’ wants, wishes and expectations. 

Sean V. Bradley has created a needs assessment worksheet for qualifying prospects. There are four quadrants to consider; vehicle interest, current vehicle, initial investment and monthly investment. With this worksheet, sales personnel can start to piece together the prospect puzzle to find the right car for the customer. 

Join Sean V. Bradley on Tuesday, May 24th at 2pm EST as he shows sales teams how to properly qualify prospects, how to get more money down, and how to avoid making the biggest mistake car people make. To register, click here. For Dealer Synergy Clients, please email or contact our office at (856) 546-2440. 


About this Master Class

Automotive expert, Sean V. Bradley CSP, will teach your entire sales team:

  1. How to properly qualify prospects so they’re not wasting time at the dealership
  2. How to get more money down so that your deals are more profitable than ever
  3. The biggest mistake car people make which lands prospects on the wrong car and how to avoid it.

In this Master Class you will receive:

  1. A simple Customer Needs Assessment worksheet designed by Dealer Synergy to help you remember the exact questions to ask to properly qualify your prospects.
  2. Access to a virtual training platform where this class will be broken down into bite-sized segments to ensure maximum retention.
  3. Two free passes to Dealer Synergy Academy classes. One for each month, May and June 2022.


About Dealer Synergy Academy Classes

Taught in a group class setting, via Zoom, these classes are facilitated by a Dealer Synergy Certified Trainer, with students from all over the world.


About Dealer Synergy

Dealer Synergy is the nation’s #1 Automotive Sales training, consulting and accountability firm. The mission is to be obsessed with our dealers’ success; through our thoughts, our words and our actions, so that they may triumph and achieve total market domination. 



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