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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Feb 1, 2022

This week on the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, L.A. Williams discusses the life of a finance manager. When a client wants to close a deal, is the finance department efficient and accurate? Additionally, he discusses the keys to success and the challenges finance managers face. Listen in as L.A. uncovers secret tips and advice for finance and insurance (F&I) managers. 

Joining L.A. this week are Nate Doggett and Brett Davis, founders of e-Director. e-Director is a lender management solution. Doggett and Davis developed this program to organize and update information from banks and lenders to aid finance professionals in the automotive industry. With e-Director, a finance representative can input the information for the sale and find the top ten lenders with accurate rates and terms that will be most profitable. 


About Nate Doggett and Brett Davis

Nate Doggett is an Airforce veteran. He served as a survival instructor until the age of 35. After his time with the military, he began his career as an internet sales consultant where he averaged 20-25 cars a month the first 6 months. With his aggressive, go-getter attitude, Nate soon moved into finance. It was this position that revealed a niche in the market for finance managers that was not being served. Thus, the idea of eDirector was born. 

Brett Davis met with Nate for approximately six months before deciding to join Nate in the founding of eDirector. Together they built the program and have successfully input their system with dealerships across the country. 

The National Automobile Dealers Association is coming to Las Vegas this upcoming March 10, 2022 to March 13, 2022. Located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, NADA is the place to be. Experience the Future with a multitude of automotive professionals gathered for this can’t miss event. 

Want to meet the Dealer Synergy Team? For those who plan to attend NADA this March, stop by booth 4730W to meet Sean V. Bradley, L.A. Williams, Tianna Mick, and the Dealer Synergy team IN REAL LIFE! 



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