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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Feb 19, 2019

This week, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, and L.A. Williams chat with Julio Lara of Country Hill Motors. Julio has worked at Country Hill Motors for 2 years, and averages 20+ units a month! 

Julio is a self-starter: he has developed two brands to promote his work. As a car salesman, his FaceBook page Buy it from Julio (which started as Julio Drives It, where he test-drove cars) is his way of interacting with customers on social media. He utilizes Paid Ads and FaceBook Marketplace to close 5+ sales online a month.


He believes in being a self-starter: utilizing the technological and social resources around you, believing in your product, and having a code of conduct. Main goal is to do what Julio does the best. Use resources the way you're supposed to use them, keep a positive attitude, having standards and a code of conduct. 



You can find Julio on FaceBook at Buy it from Julio, or at Country Hill Motor's official site.