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Jun 1, 2021

Full Episode Blog: Techniques To Sell Cars On Social Media: Strategy & Content

You are missing the boat if you do not have a social media strategy! The top sales associates all have one thing in common: they sell more cars because they sell cars on social media. They sell cars on Facebook, they sell cars on Instagram, and they sell cars on YouTube! Additionally, they invest in social media management tools to keep them organized.

Sean V. Bradley, CSP, and L.A. Williams talk about social media. Social media is the #1 form of communication. More importantly, they have worked with sales associates that sell more cars from social media alone than the average sales associate does total.

While Sean and L.A. are social media superstars, their guest is a social media selling expert. Brandon Cogozzo has found the social media strategy that can elevate any car salesman or dealer’s online presence.

About Brandon Cogozzo
Brandon Cogozzo loves social media. In fact, he is fascinated by it. As such, he is the Social Media Manager at Mercedes Benz of Fort Mitchell, in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. From content creation to navigating the back end of social media, he manages the social media for 27 stores.

Also known as Brandon “Cargozzo” on Instagram, Brandon always had a passion for cars. However, he was led to this career by accident. Following his passion for both cars and social media, he had a post get over 3 million impressions. Eventually it was reposted by Mercedes Benz. Since then, he followed his calling and has become a social media maven.

Show Notes:

Automotive Social Media Strategy: Understand Your Platforms
When utilizing social media to brand and market yourself, it is important to understand each platform. Each social media platform has its own pros and cons. Understanding what each platform is best at is critical.

Brandon’s strategy for each social media platform is different. He uses each platform for what it is best at. He then customizes his content strategy for each site. Additionally, Brandon suggests that you need to focus on the demographics of each social media medium. This will help you tailor your content for each platform correctly.

Customizing your message to your audience is just as important to social media as it is any other form of communication. You want to make sure you deliver to proper message through the best medium. As a result, you are more likely to reach the right potential customers and sell more cars.

How To Sell Cars On Instagram
Instagram is the perfect place for content creation. Brandon approaches Instagram as a way to pull people into the brand. First, he understands the appeal of the brand. Then he creates content that sets the brand up as an authority, or what they are best at. As a result, people start to view his content, and the product starts to sell itself.

How To Sell Cars On YouTube
70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. With this in mind, it would make a lot of sense to advertise yourself and your brand on YouTube. While it makes sense to have sales related content on your YouTube channel, it is not necessarily the best way to drive traffic.

Brandon suggests that you should use your YouTube account to continue interactions with customers. The car buying experience doesn’t stop when the car is off the lot. You can gain repeat, new, and referred customers if you stay at the top of their minds.

Additionally, Brandon has found significant success by creating tips and tricks to help customers with their car. First, you can start by making videos about commonly asked questions for different models. Then, you can then create a playlist for that model. From there, customers can view it whenever they need to.

Not only will this help keep you in the mind of your customers, but it will also put you in the minds of other customers of the brand.

Social Media Management Tools
Managing multiple accounts on multiple social media platforms can become hectic. As a result, there are different technologies available. These tools will not only help you and your dealership schedule content, but also help you stay organized. By using these tools, you can take you and your dealership to the next level.

Sell Cars On Facebook With Facebook Business Suite
Brandon uses Facebook Business Suite to manage his Facebook and Instagram accounts. One of the features he enjoys most is the scheduling tool. Especially because it allows him to manage his time effectively.

By using the Facebook Business Suite, Brandon can schedule important posts as far as a year in advance. Additionally, it has tools that help you reply to customers’ comments and DMs.

Other Tools To Manage Social Media Posts
While there are many benefits to the Facebook Business Suite, it unfortunately only manages Instagram & Facebook. However, there are many different full service social media management tools available on the market. Additionally, there are programs like HootSuite that can allow you to manage all of your social media accounts through one system.

Social Media Strategy: Content Creation
Sell More Cars Through Emotional Appeal
The message and tone of your content is important to your social media marketing. This is because there is a lot of content on social media. In addition to the amount of content, attention spans are also at an all-time low. If you want to Sell more cars using social media you need to cut through the clutter and stand out to your clients.

Brandon accomplishes this by creating content with emotional appeal. You need to make a person feel something when they see your content. No matter what the feeling is, they’re more likely to remember your brand when emotion is involved.

Car Sales Social Media Strategy: Less Is More
Just as posting to social media is important, so too is how much and how often. When posting to any social media, it is better to practice the quality over quantity theory. Having three thought-out and well-produced posts is better than having 12 good posts.

Not only do you want great content, but you also need to spread your posts out. For example, if you have 12 high-quality posts, but posted at the time, the result can be negative. The customer will feel overwhelmed by this and unfollow you.

Simply put, if you are going to spend time on quality content, spread out the time with which they will be posted.

Best Practices To Sell Cars On Social Media
Without a doubt, Brandon has a significant amount of experience utilizing social media. However, he had to go through a series of trials and errors to find the right mix. As a result, he discovered the do’s and don’ts, and shares his tips on how to sell cars on social media.

How To Sell Cars On Social Media Tip 1
The camera you use is just as important as the picture you are taking. Brandon suggests that you should use the camera on your phone. Additionally, he recommends using an iPhone, as he has experienced better quality.

Along with quality, Brandon also feels that the picture looks more authentic with an iPhone camera. However, keep in mind that some photos don’t translate across brands.

Sell Cars On Social Media Tip 2
Quality is important when it comes to any type of marketing. One of the simplest things you can do to increase the quality is to clean your camera’s lens. Especially when using a phone to take the pictures. If the photo is blurry or distorted, it will likely be less pleasurable for the consumer.

Sell Cars On Social Media Tip 3
Having clean and quality content and photos is a great starting point. In addition to this, Brandon suggests editing your photos. There are many different free editing tools available. They will allow you to upgrade your images. Not only can you add effects to your photos, you can also brand them to yourself.

It is important that you don’t over edit your photos. Your editing should enhance the photo, not deter from in. Doing so will likely cheapen your brand.

Sell Cars On Social Media Tip 4
When taking photos of any vehicle for any reason, you must do so correctly. You do not want to be too far from the vehicle. However, you do not want to be too close either. You want the entire vehicle in the frame. Essentially, don’t cut off half of the car in photos. Be sure the vehicle is the primary focal point.

Don’t cut off parts of the car in your photos because you are too close. This can lead customers to believe there is something wrong with the car or that you didn’t put a lot of effort into the work. Additionally, don’t be too far away from the vehicle. This can draw attention away from the vehicle or have distracting items in the background.

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