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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Dec 28, 2021

This week on the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast, Sean V. Bradley, CSP discusses what it takes to become one of the best sales associates in the automotive industry.  One of the many ways to get to the top is by building your own brand.  Then, taking this brand to Facebook and social media with a strategy.  In addition to social media, having a game plan to generate repeat and referral will pay dividends around the two to three year mark.  With these two items, paired with training on how to handle price objections, any sales associate will be set up for success.

Joining Sean this week is Jimmy McCormack, a sales associate at Cardinal Buick GMC in Belleville, IL for the past five years.  With a total of 19 years in the automotive industry, Jimmy knew it would be his calling, as his father owned a buy here pay here dealership when he was a kid.  Today, he is the #1 sales associate at the #3 Buick GMC dealership, with his biggest month having 71 car sales.  It didn’t take long for Jimmy’s success to come to fruition.  He hit the ground running, selling 18 cars his first month and 20 his second month.  However, from there it took longer to progress, taking three years to sell 30 cars in a month and six years to sell over 50 cars in a month.

Jimmy McCormack will not only be attending the Internet Sales 20 Group 14, but he will also be speaking on a panel. Located at the brand new Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia From January 11, 2022 to January 13, 2022, IS20G14 is a can’t miss event.  IS20G14: The Automotive Endgame is about adapting to our new normal.  The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of new challenges for the automotive industry.  While some of these changes have not been so great, many of the changes that came have been great.  Be sure to register for Internet Sales 20 Group 14 before tickets sell out.

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