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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

Full Episode Blog: From Broke to Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor, John McSherry’s Tips on Personal Investment and Wealth Accumulation. 

3 Key Personal Investment and Wealth Accumulation Takeaways

  1. “Looking back at it now, my bottom was the greatest gift, the greatest blessing that has ever happened to me. Even though it was the hardest and most difficult time that I have ever experienced.” John would have been ok living a mediocre life. However, if he didn’t hit rock bottom, he would have never had the drive he does today. “If you are going through something right now. Use that as the fire. Use that as your motivator."
  2. The real estate and automotive sales industries are like having your own business. You can “be your own boss” and there is no ceiling to how much money you can make. However, there is also no floor. While there is some training provided in both auto sales and real estate, there can be a lack of individual support. Because of this, it is important to invest in yourself. Hiring a coach is one way to take yourself to the next level. While that is a good place to start, another way is to invest in yourself is through training.
  3. Sean V Bradley, CSP has a 3 bucket philosophy. The first bucket is to invest in yourself for education. This can be in education, training, personal development, or professional development. Next is to invest in your business. You need to grow your business but also focus on client retention. Lastly, once you stabilize yourself and you stabilize your business, is the accumulation of your wealth and portfolio.

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