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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

It all started with a facebook post, and #mominautomotive was born. Trish Brett Kalianadansi, Director of Training for Billion Dollar Girl and new mom of six month old Jack shared how the work dynamic at BDG is not only supportive but family-oriented. Moms in Automotive Facebook Group was created as an open forum for women to ask questions and share what works to help them be successful in the Automotive Industry whether you are on the sales side or the vendor arena.


Join the conversation with Toni Anne Fardette, The Billion Dollar Girl (episode #3); Karen Bradley, CEO of Dealer Synergy (episode #6);  and Sean V Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy discuss the pros and cons of not only being a woman in automotive but a mom in automotive. 


You also don’t want to miss the powerful Women In Automotive panel and roundtable moderated by Toni Anne Fardette and co-moderated by Karen Bradley at Internet Sales 20 Group 13 in Houston TX. November 11-13 2019.


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