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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

Millionaire Car Salesman: How to Hold More Gross Profit through Time Maximization, Lead Generation, & Special Finance with Vicky Cooper


3 Key Automotive Sales Takeaways

  1. Time Maximization / Organization is the most versatile philosophy able to be used in every profession and personal life. Knowing which tasks to tackle and prioritize first-hand is the key to mastering any career, especially in the automotive sales industries.
  2. Motivation is one of the keys to sell more cars and make more money selling cars.  When looking for more effort and better results from your staff: the easiest way to motivate the team is to show some green - and as an Automotive Sales Professional, you have the opportunity to multiply your money and, most importantly, have different sources of obtaining that money. 
  3. Special finance and subprime deals are very rewarding.  Special Finance customers are misunderstood and never listened to yet they are the most loyal customer base an automotive professional and dealership can obtain. More importantly, automotive sales associates typically make higher commissions on special finance customers.  With this in mind, dealerships and sales representatives need to have an actual strategy and process to gather those clients.


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Sean V Bradley | L.A. Williams | Vicky Cooper



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