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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Jul 16, 2019

Rob grew up in the automotive industry. Rob’s Father Bob Ruth started his automotive career when he was 18 years old. Bob bought Bob Ruth Ford when Rob was 6 years old. After high school, Rob was originally resistant to working at the dealership. The Summer before going to college in North Carolina, Rob got a job a mason making $8.00 an hour. It was hard work which he loved, but it wasn’t monetarily beneficial. The following summer, Bob convinced Rob to work the showroom floor. He made $2200 dollars that summer and was hooked on the earning potential. The next summer he made $9000. And the summer before his senior year he really hustled and worked bell to bell and made $28,000.  After College, Rob took a job with a bank in North Carolina, but his salary was maxed at $40,000.

Rob decided to come back home to Bob Ruth Ford. It was 2000 and the internet was becoming a major thing to the automotive industry. Rob thought that was an opportunity to leverage the internet and connect with more people. Now Rob is the dealer principal of Bob Ruth Ford, with a record-breaking internet department. One of Rob’s keys to success is developing and investing in your team. Your strength comes from the strength of your team. 

Tune in as Rob Ruth talks about being a successful second generation and keeping the legacy going.