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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Jul 2, 2019

Zack Williams has always been about his business. In 2010 he had his own clothing line and also started a promotion company that combined his love for parties and helping people. His life changed after a horrific accident that cost him to lose everything; even almost his life. 


 Zack later took his learned marketing skills to Hard Rock Cafe as their Marketing and Sales Director. His career at Hard Rock was going really well. But while curating an event for one of his dream companies Harley Davidson he was offered a job as their marketing manager. So he made the switch and loved it. Zack felt that the Harley Davidson brand fitted who he is. He was very successful as their Marketing manager and really great with people. That caused the upper management team offered him a position on the sales floor and he was able to negotiate and keep his marketing salary plus commissions when he sold a unit. In the beginning, he considered himself mediocre salesperson making 100 calls a week. One day he had a paradigm shift and knew he had to make more money. Zack tripled his calls to a minimum of 300 calls week and started cash flowing $8k-$10k a month. His average unit sold was 18 per month. 


Zack was approached by the Ford Dealership three times before he was open to having a conversation about the change. He was very nervous to make the shift, he was newly married and about to have a daughter, but after talking to his wife he went for it. Zack knew that his image didn’t initially scream Ford salesman, so he started searching on ways to brand himself and owning his image. That’s when the “The Tattooed Sales Guy” was born. He utilized social media he was able to sell 21 cars in his first 18 days.  His general manager Randy Hart took him under his wing and kept encouraging him. Join us as Zack Williams aka The Tattooed Sales Guy shares how the automotive industry changed his life and how he used Social Media to help make that happen. 

Social Media: "The Tattooed Sales Guy"