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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Feb 5, 2020

Kathleen Jergensen is a sales consultant at Ramsey Subaru who has been in the automotive industry for over a year killing it! As a woman in auto sales, she is definitely making a name for herself selling 20-25 units a month and 34 cars at most. She is making 6 figures and made $15,000 in one month! Prior to becoming a saleswoman, Kathleen had a background in the healthcare industry marketing for small businesses. Her success is incredible and to think that she has only scratched the surface is major! This podcast is not only great for anyone new to the industry but it is also valuable for the veterans. Kathleen brings a new and fresh perspective to the business and explains the secrets to her accomplishments in such a small period of time. 


1. For any woman in the industry, what is day to day at your dealership like for you?

2. Once you have obtained your goal, how do you go about remaining consistent?

  1. Why do you think there aren't enough women in the automotive industry?
  2. What is the importance of networking? How can doing research on social media help you better understand your prospects?
  3. As a GM or leader, what differences do you see when managing male and female sales consultants? 
  1. What dynamic does a female bring into a dealership? How does this affect prospects and their experience?