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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

Do you want to take your Internet Department to the next level? Birthday Boy Jason Koons gives a sneak peek into the mind of an Internet Manager who has more than double his department's sales and is continuing to increase month by month. 

Jason believes that true success starts at the top. If the "boss" believes and lives out a system when he trains his people on that system it will inevitably become who they are. Jason sees the value in his employees having a good work/life balance in order to come into work with "their heads on right" so they can focus and plan out their day and get their processes in order. 

Jason started as a salesman but felt that the internet gave him a better opportunity to connect with more people. He has taken his internet department from 75 units per month to 154 units, and is on track for another increase for the month of April. Jason accredits the continued success to the structure, accountability, phone training, and his ability to make sure everyone follows the same process. 

Jason is a successful manager because he has a firm grasp on the fact that respect is a two-way street between himself and his employees. He also knows the importance of continued training, which is why he is a Bradley On Demand client. Like LA put it, "Training is like showering, once you stop you start to get stinky!"