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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Apr 23, 2019

Tianna Mick is an up and coming success story in the automotive industry. At age 18 Tianna, did what most teenagers do, and moved out to her own place, enrolled in college, and then got her reality check! Bills Bills Bills. The need for financial freedom led her to the industry she KNEW could be the solution. Despite the critics in her life telling her she needs a college degree and being in a commission based industry is not wise, Tianna went all in. She proved them wrong by making $3,000 in ONE week, with only being on the showroom floor only 3 weeks. Tianna firmly believes that “If you make this your one thing and you go hard at it you can make more than college graduate - put in the work!”

Tianna has utilized the tools that Build a Brand has given her. Tianna has her very own website. She believes she builds rapport with her customers so easily because she humanizes herself with a genuine bio section on her website and texting to ask how her customer's day is going, not just "Are you going to buy this car." When she is not with a customer she is posting blogs, updating inventory on her website, posting to social media, and doing research related to the car industry. 

Sean Bradley and LA Wiliams share their expertise with Tianna on this podcast, giving her advice on how to improve her website and her road to the sale process. Sean gives helpful tips on time maximization, which is a must to capitalize on all your money making opportunities and truly performing at your peak potential. LA drops a bomb with "create the market and then capture the market" when discussing weekly blog and social media ideas. 

This is a must listen to for those "newbies" or rusty car professionals who need to be reminded that, in the words on Tianna, YOU CAN DO IT!