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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Apr 16, 2019

From the Military battlefield to the battlefield of the showroom floor, Ken Potter used his expertise to climb ranks from salesperson to sales manager within his first year. Ken was introduced to the car industry by his brother who was a manager at a dealership in Florida.


Ken stands firm on the principal, you can sell a car at a higher price because it’s the experience you provide the customer. In order to do this as a manager, you have to train your team in the process of providing a high level of value to the customer. Part of Ken’s process was building a playbook of rebuttals that he used to grow his team, which CarMax still uses to this day!


Ken believes the most successful vendors will come from the car business. You have to own up to your own successes and failures, you can’t blame others. Ken leaves us with the advice, “pick the weeds out of your team”.