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Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 22 of the Millionaire Car Salesman Podcast! This week, The Millionaire Car Salesman, Sean V. Bradley, CSP & Co-Host, L.A. Williams sat down with Danny Zaslavsky, Dealer Principal at Country Hill Motors, on how he takes buying cars from the public to the NEXT LEVEL! Danny was immersed into the dealership life since he was 14-years-old and has broadened the opportunities of increasing gross profit, eliminating frustrating dealer trade fees, and giving the consumer a never-seen-before car selling experience. 

Danny Zaslavsky found the solution to paying customers exactly and/or more than what their vehicle is worth, while keeping profit! VinCue is the Automotive Industry’s swiss army knife. It’s a transformative tool that takes away the anticipation of hoping your customers see your ads first, and brings them into the dealership! Danny expands on his philosophies of “never selling/dropping price over fear” and how he turned his dealership into A Vehicle Buying Center - increasing +$1,200 Gross Profit PER unit by BUYING cars off the street!  

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